Tour Pros Own Golf Simulators – Why Not You?

Sure, the golf simulators the tour pros own cost upwards of $50,000.  For most of us, that’s just not doable.

But, with quite a few affordable options out there these days, if you have the space, why not make the investment?

I can tell you from my own experience that a golf simulator is probably the best tool you can get for improving your golf swing.  Once you learn about ball flight laws, and get some good video analysis of your golf swing, your golf simulator will provide you with all the feedback you need to make long term improvements.

What is really awesome is that you can virtually make changes instantaneously.

A few years ago a buddy of mine was getting a lesson at an indoor studio.  His teacher did a quick video analysis with his V1 software and then they went to work on his swing.

Within minutes, his swing speed went up from 96 mph to 104 mph!  And, they made a significant correction to his swing path to combat the bad hook he’d been fighting for months.

Now, imagine having all that knowledge about swing plane, ball flight laws and your own golf swing in addition to having a simulator at home.  Trust me, your game will never be the same.

If you’ve got the space even for a small set up, why not make that investment?  You can get started with the Optishot 2 simulator for under a thousand bucks and you can be up and running in minutes.

No time for a full round of golf?  No problem…you can take a few swings in your basement, garage or wherever you keep your simulator, and keep your swing finely tuned.

Why do you think the likes of Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth and others have a simulator at home?

If you are a serious golfer, this is a tool you need!


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